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About Machinnova

The name Machinnova stands for Innovative Machines. Through our years of
experience in industrial and horticulture automation, As a team, we have 
developed a now wide range of quality machines since the start of Machinnova in 2007.
Machinnova distinguishes itself by addition to the "standard" garden equipment, we
also build customer-specific "special" machines. We like to listen to the
problems and ideas of our customers and try to reach an innovative solution together.

We specialize in automating handling applications within the greenhouse
sector; think of pots, collars, boxes, trays, rockwool blocks, cocos blocks,
trolleys, seeding and soil plugs.

Together with our German partner Otte we offer a total concept in mobile containers
and we have plenty of options to move these trolleys manually or automatically,
so moving a lot of plants in the greenhousecan be achieved at very low cost.
Our products and services contribute to a higher efficiency in your company.
We offer both stand-alone machines and complete concepts to which are very
successfull since 2009. We operate with our so called unique "Machinnova
Total Ontzorg concept".
This highly successful overall "Ontzorg concept" Machinnova delivers you:

1) The machine and automation line
2) Service and maintenance
3) Trained and certified personnel

Costs are determined by this concept after mutual consultation with the client
and narrowed down. After the service took place, the acts done or finished
products per unit are charged afterwards. Your benefits are, no investment
or lease structures that are necessary for the purchase of new machinery,
no unforeseen cost for repair or maintenance, and no downtime due to staff
absence. This "Ontzorg Concept" also offers the advantage that your production
costs for a certain fixed period of time are known.

This concept is applied by us, in combination with the well-known world -Toyota, Kaizan
productivity concept. This Machinnova "Ontzorg Concept", together with
Kaizan may, within your company immediately after the start (without investments) result
in a significant increase in productivity index and also huge cost saving
within your company. We resolve logistics automation and staffing issues
for you, always with our customer-friendly service and character. Please inform
if we can discuss about the possibilities within your company.